Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Hey all!

Sorry it has been awhile. I am taking a TESL course on the weekends so I can't post on Saturday or Sunday until next week.
(Warning a few spoilers ahead - if you aren't finished reading don't read this post yet)

In other news: I finished Jurassic Park. I really liked it! I have to admit I was surprised that by the end the book won me over. Since I'd already watched the movie I was afraid it would be just a repeat (even though the book came first) of a story I already knew really well. While this is sort of true there is a lot of substance and tension in the novel that was deleted from the film. Ian Malcolm's character for one is a major change! His theories and constant sermoning in the novel is a little 'deus ex machina', if you ask me, but it was insightful and served as Crichton's social criticism. There were also a few moments where the circumstances were unbelievable (the kids had a few moments and the dramatic justice at the end was a little much) - but that being said the book was a great read, fast paced, with likable characters and an ambiguous ending.

It is also ingenious! I don't know much about science and genetics but Crichton's ideas are really
cool and inventive. They are basically the same as in the movie but with alot more info and context in the novel. The bugs in the amber is just brilliant - I don't know how realistic but I think that this novel is a very believable science fiction in that the secondary or fictional world is very very close to our own. This novel really made me appreciate how much research must have gone into it - the descriptions of the dinosaurs, the paleontology theories, the genetics (as I've said), the knowledge of resorts and businesses, international law - Chrichton certainly did his homework.
Anyways, I'm going to cut this post a little short because I know that Mike and Mel (my boyfriend and my sister who I live with) aren't finished the book yet and you may not be either.

As for a recipe I shall be posting one later today or tomorrow morning!

Happy Reading!

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