Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The First!

Hey All!

Right off the bat I should admit that I am a bit of a purist. I really believe in reading the book before watching the movie or at the very least
knowing that there is a book from which the film is adapted. This however doesn’t necessarily mean that the book version is always better than the film version. Sometimes a movie is just damn good but sometimes it just doesn’t do a great book justice.

I also believe in cooking great, healthy, yummy and simple meals from scratch.

I hope to build three components to this blog:

1. To encourage you all to read a book with me before watching the film (for the first time or for the seventh).

2. Every Sunday watching the film adaptation for the book that we read during the week.

3. To cook a great meal or meals in the meantime.

Do you know the show Dinner and a Movie? Well I want to do something similar. Every Sunday I plan to watch the film version of the book for that week and cook a great meal to go with it. Let’s be honest Sunday, anywhere, is a slow day and a perfect for relaxing with a movie.

This is my first blog so I’m not sure how I’m going to format everything yet – but I’d like to post throughout the week how the book is going and maybe a couple of recipes with written and perhaps video instructions.

I also want to encourage you readers to post your own suggestions for materials and your comments about the books, the films and your own adaptations of the recipes I post.

I’d like to start us off with something everyone will (hopefully) be interested in and may have already read and/or watched:
Jurassic Park , book by Michael Chrichton, film by Steven Spielberg. I thought since this is my start up week I would give myself (and any new readers who jump on along the way) two weeks to get a hold of the novel and read it before watching it next Sunday April 25th.

Thanks for reading!

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